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Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun (Ranga Alur Puli)

Sweet Potato known as yam or Sakkarai Valli Kizhangu( Tamil) . My mom used to make sweet potato balls with sweet potato which is very simple and easy to make. Last week I was in mood to make some sweet for my birthday. I was reading other Indian blogs to find interesting recipes. I found Sury's sweet potato dessert which is a Bengali sweet known as Ranga Alur Puli. I also found another version of same sweet from Mahanadi's blog!!!

I did make some slight changes to the recipe according my taste!!!!



1 sweet potatoes

1 tbsp All purpose flour

1 pinch Baking powder

1 Ready Mix Gulab Jamun packet

2 tbsp ghee

Sugar Syrup:

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 tsp cardamom seeds

2 tbsp Chopped Almonds

few strands Saffron

Coconut Filling:

1 cup Shredded coconut

2 cups Milk

1 cup sugar

1 tsp Cardamom seeds

2 tbsp chopped Cashew nuts

2 tbsp chopped Almonds



Steam cook the sweet potato till soft, peel the skin and mash it to a smooth paste. Add ghee, flour, baking soda and jamun powder and mix well. Don't add water, moisture in the sweet potato will be enough to make tight dough. Keep aside for 30 minutes.


Boil milk with sugar in medium heat. keep stirring, once it starts to thicken add coconut and other ingredients. Keep stirring it, till the milk evaporates and coconut mixture comes to a sticky consistency!!! Remove from heat, let it cool down.

Sugar syrup:

Boil water and sugar with other ingredients in medium heat. Once the sugar water forms syrup consistency ( One string), Remove from heat. (Don't over heat the sugar syrup)

Make small balls from the jamun dough. Make small dimple and fill it with coconut filling. close it on all the sides and make a ball. Prepare balls from rest of the dough and keep for deep frying.

Heat Oil in sauce pan, on medium heat. It should never be hot!!!. Drop the jamun balls and deep fry them for 7-10 mts. Keep rolling them in oil to get even color on all the sides!!!

Remove Jamuns, place them in a clean tissue to remove excess oil. Add these jamuns to sugar syrup. I left them in fridge about 6 hrs!!! I usually reheat in microwave before serving!!!

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Wow... that looks awesome, I can eat a whole lot it at one sitting :-) !!


awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. lina holzbauer

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