Sunday, December 28, 2008


I have a sweet-tooth :)... where do i begin about basundi hmmmm.. One of my favourites!!! Whenever we go shopping in Casu chetti street(paris corner) in Chennai, my mom used to take me to Agarwal sweet shop. Its a tiny shop but there will be throng of people all the time. Anytime we go there, it will be full and we will never get a seat... We will order Basundi and samosa. Samosa will be hot and spicy and basundi will be heavenly!!! I have tried basundi in many places but that was nothing near Agarwal's taste!!

Loads of info about basundi isn't?. I wanted to try it at home. Finally I gathered all the ingredients... It takes lot of time but tasted very good!!! I am sending this to FIC-WHITE event which is a Brain child of Sunshinemom of Tongue ticklers, hosted by Lubna of Kitchen flavours.


2 gal whole milk
6 tbsp condensed milk or as required
2 cup sugar or as required
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
few saffron strands
cashew nuts


Heat milk in non-stick thick bottomed pan. let the heat be in medium. Keep stirring otherwise milk wil stick to the bottom. After few minutes, u can see a thin layer or Malai forming in the milk. Remove the malai with spoon and keep it in a bowl. Keep doing it till the milk reduces to half. Add sugar, condensed milk, cardamom powder and saffron strands and mix well. Adjust sugar according to ur taste. I made a powder using above mentioned nuts and nixed it with the milk to get thick consistency which is optional. U can also use custard powder to thicken the milk. Leave it slow heat for five minutes. Finally add malai which we collected earlier to the milk. Remove from heat. Add nuts and let it cool down. Leave it refrigerator for 6 hours or overnight..
Serve it with few strands of saffron and pistachios.


Fearless Kitchen

What an interesting dish... it looks really tasty.


I came through FIC- I love Basundi ur looks absolutely divine. U ve a nice collection of recipe too.


Thanks Cham & Fearless Kitchen!!!


Ashwini, basundi looks delightful! Do participate in the next series of FIC too:) Happy New Year!

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