Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kothu Parotta

Kothu Parotta is a road side comfort food... tastes amazing...Recently most of the restaurants serve them as evening tiffin. U have to go to the road side shops to get the actual taste and flavour. In Chennai and Coimbatore we have loads of roadside shops. Even though i make kothu parotta at home i never get the actual taste of the dish. There are few other road side specials like dosa and getti chutney.. Fried rice... hmmmm...Everyone thinks the food from these shops are unhealthy, even i accept it ,but u have to salute them for the wonderful tasty food.

When we lived in race course, we used to buy kothu parotta from roadside shop in Ramanathapuram. The best combination with kothu parotta is onion raita..I wonder who discovered this kothu parotta ?..I guess it is most popular in Tamilnadu..Have you ever wonder how our cuisines have so many tasty dishes to tickle our taste buds.. Our ancestors had the time and patience to discover these dishes and passed it on for centuries...I still cant figure out how kothu parota came to our cuisine....Lets see how its made...


parotta- 3
onion- 1
chalna - 1 cup
cumin -1 tsp
ginger garlic paste- 1tbsp
green chillies-3
turmeric- 1/4 tsp
curry leaves
oil - 2tbsp
curry leaves
salt to taste


Cook the parotta in skillet and tear them in small pieces. Add oil to the pan and add cumin and curry leaves. Once the flavour come out, add green chillies and onion. Onions will change its color to slight pink...add ginger garlic paste. Fry for few minutes. Add tomato, fry till mushy. Add turmeric powder, salt and Parotta pieces. Chalna is nothing but chicken or mutton gravy made in those shops. If u have left over chicken gravy u can use it or use little bit of garam masala powder. In this stage u have add chalna, mix well so that it will get coated over parotta pieces. Finally, break the eggs into the mixture and mix thoroughly. Once the egg is cooked, U have to take two wooden spatulas and start breaking them into smal pieces (u can see this action in roadside shops).add coriander leaves remove from heat. As a variation, u can also add chicken pieces to the parotta..

Serve hot with onion raita...



I used to eat this rather gorge on it back home. Thanks for the recipe, now I can make it at home too. DO you think it will work with chapathis too?

Kitchen Flavours

Wow looks yummy. Never tasted this before.


Just last weekend only, my hubby had this with some of his tamilian friend,herein Singapore, and asked me to cook it. I googled the recipe, but the parotta was a bit confusing, its normal wheat paratha, or refined flour layered roti sort of something??
But whatever, the taste did came out yummy..


Neha, usually parotta is made with maida or all purpose flour. I dont make parotta at home coz its a tedious process and needs more practice.

I buy frozen parotta from Indian Grocers which tastes good...


Anudivya, Chappathis will work too.. but u know taste will be slightly different... I have tried it with leftover chappathi.. It came out well...

Akal's Saappadu

Ashwini! thanks for the comment!
You're killing me with this kind of temptations, I love kothu parottas (unhealthy or whatever, they do nothing to me, anyway!!!). Mmmm... that must be terribly good.

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