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Announcing Event--"Lentils Mela"

Lentils Mela......Starting now......

After participating in few event, I got an urge to announce an event in my blog. I solely depend my fellow blogger and visitors to make this event a great success..

I was thinking about the event, I had many ideas but u know what...its already been announced by other blogger. Finally I decided on Lentils Mela huhhhhh huge sigh of relief....

The reason to select lentils..... They are very nutritious and has more health benefits... I was attracted to a quote by Laurie Colwin

Lentils are friendly—the Miss Congeniality of the bean world.”

Facts about Lentils....

Lentils are shaped like a lens. In fact, lens is the Latin word for lentil. The size and appearance of lentils varies depending on the variety.

According to the Bible, Esau was tricked into selling his birthright for a pottage of lentils. (Genesis 25:34)

Lentils have been found in Egyptian tombs that date from 2400 BC. It may have been used as an aphrodisiac. They also thought that the lentil enlightened the minds of children, making them more cheerful and studious.

The Egyptians are also thought to have introduced the lentil to the Greeks and Romans. In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates prescribed lentils and slices of dog for liver ailments.
Lentils were probably cultivated in the gardens of Babylon in 800 BC.

EASTERN WASHINGTON The lentil is a cousin of the bean, and both are a part of the legume family. All legumes are seeds that grow within pods. (source)

Types of Dals (Lentils)

Chana dal--The words "chana dal" mean "split chickpeas." (Chana gram is a whole chickpea). Chana dal are baby chickpeas that have been split and polished. They look and taste like small kernels of sweet corn and work well in soups, salads, and rice dishes.The most popular legume in India. Chana dal is a very versatile dried split yellow lentil with a slightly sweet taste, nutty flavor. It is used in variety of vegetable dishes. It can be cooked until soft for the dish called simply dal (yellow dal), or as in southern India it can be used as a spice.

Tur dal/Toor Dal/Tuvardal/Toovhar dalToor ---Dal is a glassy dark yellow split pea (pigeon pea), similar to chana dal. Toovar da exhibits a thick gelatinous/meaty consistency. They take a little longer to cook than moong or masoor dal/dahl. These yellow split peas can be made into dal which is served with side dish of vegetables, rice or flat breads.The South Indian delicacy, sambhar which is an accompaniment for dosa, idli or even rice is cooked with toordal.

Urad Dal (whole and Split)Also called Black Beluga Lentils. Whole Urad dal/dahl is used more like a chili or stew than a soup or dal/dahl. These lentil-like beans have black skins covering creamy white interiors. Whole urad dal/dahl derive their strong, rich, earthy flavor from the black skins and have an uncanny ability to absorb flavors. Split and without the skin Urad dal is a white lentil used along with rice to make dosas, the crisp pancakes of southern India and other Rice preparations. In South India, Urad dal is used as a seasoning with mustard seeds for curries.

Mung dal/Moong Dal (whole and split)Whole moong is actually a bean or pulse and is known as 'sabat moong' . They are small green beans fairly used in India, China, Thailand and Japan. Sprouted they are used in salads or stir fries with lemon juice or vinaigrette. In India Moong dal is used, which is split moong beans with the skin left (green skin yellow lentil) on or without the skin(yellow lentil). It is used to make delicious dals and curries. Moong lentils in particular is very easy to digest and take on seasonings and spices very well.

Masoor DalWhile whole, this bean is greenish-brown, even though they can be prepared whole (masoor beans) Indian recipes often call for the skinned and split masoor, which is called masoor dal. Skinned split Masoor beans are actually called red lentils (orange in color). They have a dark, earthy flavor and a creamy texture. These lentils pair well with tomatoes and kheema/mince meats, sausages, and may be served on their own as a side dish, or incorporated into soups, stews, salads and Indian dal.

Checkout the nutrition and Benefit details here.....

The Rules is very simple....

1. Prepare a recipe using Lentils as the dominating ingredient and post about it on your blog.

2. Non-veg/Veg recipes are allowed.It may be a starter, breakfast, dinner, dessert.. anything that's innovative.

3.While doing the post, make sure to link back to this event announcement. Use of Logo would be appreciated..

4.Mail the following details to ashwinispicycuisine(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line reading "Lentils Mela"

Your name

Your blog name

Name of the entry URL of your post

A photo

4. Not owning a blog isn't an excuse for you not sending in entries. You can always mail me the above-said details and they will be included in the roundup!!!!

5. Older posts with Lentils can be included if it is republished as a new post.

6. The last date for sending in entries is March 15 2009...

There is no limit for entries...Get set Go....Start cooking!!!!!


Varsha Vipins

All the best for your event Aswini..There s so much info about various lentils here..thanks..i have previously posted some lentil dishes..Il update it with your event link soon..:)


nice event Ashwini.
I will add ur blog event in my event list. Do participate in my upcoming event of this month MBP: Kids menu. I will post announcement very soon


Very nice write-up on Lentils Ashwini :) Best of luck on your event.

Do you have a good recipe of Sambar?


Nice theme Ashwini. I have added yours to my events list page. and will try to send something for you since lentils are so versatile and healthy to cook..:)


Kitchen Flavours

Wow simply yummy event. Can we send from the archive too..


Thanks Varsha, trupti, faisal, siri and kitchen flavors...

I appreciate it..

Kitchen flavour: U can send it from archive if you republish it as a new post...

Poornima Nair

Hey Ashwini...thats a healthy event...will definitely try and post something...first time at your have some wonderful recipes...


will send you my first entry today


Great event...


Hi Ashwini,
First time here, thanks for the mail. Good blog and event. Will participate for sure with exciting tasty recipies.
Enjoy blogging!


Just came to know about this event, will send you one! :)

Madhu's cooking gallery

You have wonderful blog in here! thanks! Yeah changed it to "Lentils Mela".


All the best for ur event,'ll try to send something..


can i use roasted chana dal?? i have a recipe using roasted chana dhal.You got a cool blog here :)


Thanks MY Friends!!!!

Kalpana: U can use roasted channa dhal...


Hi Ashwini
Nice event and a good choice. I had sent you my entry.


Hello! I'm new to your blog...
Nice event!
Just mailed you my entry


Hello! I'm new to your blog...
Nice event!
Just mailed you my entry


Thanks for ur support Everyone!!!


Mailed you my 2nd entry...


Hi Ashwini, i mailed you my entry, hope u received the same.
I am really happy to invite you to participate in the contest that is getting launced on Feb 20 2009 - check out this link for details - contest.


Nice event. I will send something soon.


Hi Ashwini,

Lentils is used by most vegetarian people as a main source of proteins. So, it would eb very interesting to see all different recipes in your event. Good Luck. I will send an entry too!



We learned to know turkish red lentils lately, before we only knew the brown ones, german national dish. They often prepared a dough from eggs and wheat to go with it.


turkish red lentils

Le @HC

Hi, posted an Indian Appetizer using Lentil Flour.Thanks


Hey Ashwini...just sent u an entry. Hope u got it.


Easily I agree but I contemplate the post should have more info then it has.

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