Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Announcing Tried and Tasted event!!!!

I am hosting Tried and tasted event for the month of July. Its a great honour to host an event which appreciates fellow blogger recipes. Tried and tasted event is brain child of Zlamuska's spicy kitchen. The motto of the event is "a monthly event of appreciation of other blogs - an opportunity to thank your fellow blogger for sharing their recipes by re-creating them. Peek into their kitchen to see what’s cooking and go for it! Take it, make it and say it!"

Blog of this month is Asha's Foodie hope. Asha doesn't need introduction.... She lives in North Carolina with her wonderful husband and two lovely children. Her blog is all about cooking simple and traditional doesnt end with Indian food, she loves trying other international cuisines..U can check out Iranian Baghali pulao...She is on break at the moment but u have loads of recipe to try from her blog..

All u have to do is to try a recipe from her blog and post it in Ur blog...


1. Cook any recipe from Asha's Foodie hope and post in ur blog. Stay as true as possible to the original recipe. If u have already cooked a recipe from her blog, just link to this announcement. No need to re post it.

2. Please link ur post to this announcement and to Asha's Foodie's hope. Feel free to use the logo..

3. Send an email to with

your name
Blog name
Url of ur post
Original Url

4. Non-blogger are always welcome to participate, just email me the picture and the link to the post...

5. the deadline for this event is July 31st. No late entries please.

Expecting all ur support to make this event successful !!!!


chef and her kitchen

Ha ha...u have chosen very easy n well known place..definitely IN


Happy hosting.Asha's is one of my favorite foodies :)


What a grt choice!! i love her blog, its perfect for the event!


Dear, this sounds interesting, I sure game for this. have to get Asha's blog now. Thanks for this event!


Sure will try to send in some ... I have visited her blog many times... and you too check out my dosa event in my blog Ashwini :)


Thanks Padma, Ann, parita, yasmeen and pratiba..

will be expecting ur active participation...

Thanks in advance

Priya Suresh

Tats a great choice, i love all her dishes...will send my entries soon!


Wow great choice. Love Asha's blog! I'm all set!


Happy hosting, nice and wise choice. Will try to send some.

Gita Jaishankar

Happy hosting Aswini :)


Thanks priya, pooja, a2z vegetarian and gita..


nice choice..will definitely send my entry..

Pari Vasisht

Good choice of the blog.Will surely post my entry.


HI Ashwini,

Thanks for announcing the event ;-) I look forward to everyone´s contributions...


Thanks sowmya, pari and Zlamushka


I too would like to it too late?


Hi sheeba..

Ur not late.. the event ends on 31st u can send in ur entries...



I simply love Asha's blog and will try and make something for the tried and tasted event!


Thanks rara avis.. expecting ur entries!!!


I love asha's blog and thrilled to hear about this event! I am surely in:)


Hi Ashwini,

I know you wrote No late entries, but I have been traveling and just came back home. I cooked a few things from Asha and would love to post them. Do you think I can have the special privilidge of sending my entry in tomorrow? :-)


Hi zlamuska.. no prob.. send it over..i will include in my roundup!!!


Hi Ashwini, just wanted to drop you a quick email that I wont be able to post this weekend as I am all over the place, but not my PC. I made a few dishes from Asha and will post it sometime later. Apologies :-(

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