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Avial (Mixed vegetable curry)

Avial is one of my favourites from Kerala cuisine. Its so simple but the flavour is extraordinary. Keralites use coconut in most of their dishes and especially this dish is relished with coconut. Any mixed vegetable can be used for this dish, but traditionally used vegetables are plantain, pumpkin, yam/karuna kizangu,drumstick, potato and carrot. I refreshed my memory with the help of Suganya's Avial recipe...The best combo for avial is adai, most of the restaurants serve this combo.

Checkout Suganya's version of Avial...



1 cup Mixed vegetables ( carrot bean, peas, corn, potato)
4 tbsp grated coconut
7 green chillies
1/2 cup beaten yogurt (homemade is better)
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
salt to taste
curry leaves
2tbsp Coconut oil

Cut veggies length wise say 1 inch length. Cook vegetables in a microwave until 75 % done. Grind green chillies, cumin and coconut to a thick fine paste. Transfer ground paste, vegetables and salt to a pan. Add salt and cook till the raw smell vanish from the paste.Don't over cook the vegetables. Once the vegetables are cooked. Remove from heat. Add yogurt and coconut oil. Mix well and cover and leave it alone for 30 mts. Serve with avial. Don't cook after adding yogurt. If wanna re-heat it, heat in microwave for 1 mt.



Veggie curry.. Yumm I would love that with rotis:)


avial is my all time fave..Can eat even as a main course:)yours look yumm

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My favorite dish, looks absolutely delicious.

Sailaja Damodaran

looks yummy....

Recipes From India

My all time favorite with Sambar.


Avial is my fav from the day i can recollect myself..nowhere have i found anything similar to such a delicious veg curry..looks yummo..


nice Click and a yummy avial.


Looks so delicious! Nice click!


My mom makes it very well but i never tried ..Looks tempting to try!!


Ann:: I haven't trid it with rotis's, sure it will tatse good..

Thanks Ramya ans a2z my favs too..

Thanks sailaja, Recipe fromIndia, pooja, pari Ann and chitra


I love aviyal too-- it's always such a special dish to make and eat. I especially love the coconut oil which adds such an amazing flavor. Yours looks delicious, Ashwini.


Looks so good, I am yet to prepare this, love mix veggies with coconut!


Thanks Vaishali and Parita...

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