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Indian Food - Calorie count - Eye opener??!!!

I wanted to loose some weight. Previously, we used to go for run and burn 500 calories a day!!!...With spl diet avoiding rice in the weekdays... It did wonders.... After few months, we had personal issues...when life strikes at u, u loose concentration in everything.. we became lazy couch potatoes again...After 6 month of laziness, we decided to something abt the weight...2 Weeks ago I found out a IPhone app called Lose it...It is similar to weight watchers. Watch what u eat..its so simple...

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Lose it application, asks for Ur goal( weight and how much u wanna loose in a week). I entered my goal as 15pounds and wanna loose 1 pound per week. My calculated food intake should be 1728 cal per day and i will reach my goal by oct 29.This is when my journey to find calories in Indian food started....

The foods I thought were low in calories where way high in calories... I was awe struck finding out these facts...

One cup 0f Basmati rice-----649 cals (not sure, different cals specified in different sites)
one cup of Cracked wheat----527 cals
one cup of Rava/suji--------- 348 cals
one cup of moong dal -------606 cals
1 medium chappathi --------119 cals

This is just tip of an iceberg... I used to make cracked wheat pongal with moongdal, 2 cups of cracked wheat and 1 cup of moongdal..totally 1700 cals...I just thought that was diet food... this was just a eyeopener for me.... Now i started checking each and every calories I eat. We have totally changed our diet, sandwich, omelet, dal sundal (healthy), and Soy meal replacement and lots of veggies...If ur planning to diet or loose weight, Know the facts...Dont assume it will be lesser in calories (Like me :) )...

The changed diet with fruits and veggies has given us more energy to workout. We burn abt 300 calories everyday at gym...It is tough though, but we r taking this as a challenge!!! I also important lesson of snacking instead of starving... Healthy snacks like apples and nut bar helps to curb hunger. Dont starve urself in the name of dieting... Use portion control...We planned our meals to be within 300 - 400 cals PER meal. We dont take rice during week days coz its high in calories and doesnot provide u enough energy!!! Body needs mininm of 1200 cals per day, so dont starve...It will cause health issues...

I have started my journey in weight loss.. I will keep u posted abt the progress...

Stop dieting and Start living by portion control and calorie count!!!!



Hm cracked wheat bi....gud post dear...batana fir kya howa?


My Gosh,you are scaring idea for click !!

Sailaja Damodaran

nice effort.....


Wishing you the very best Ashwini! Waiting eagerly to hear the result!


Thank priti, ann,poja and sailaja...

I was shocked to see calories in our food... Stay tuned..


Thanks for sharing in these details Ashwini...


u have nice and lovely blog..

Great and superb post...

Do peep into my blogs when u find time...


Great Info!!As u said healthy snacking and splitting the meal will definitely help in reducing weight and control hunger instead of dieting..

A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine

Nice post, keep us updated.


Thank Ramya, A2z vegetarian, padma and sreesha

sreesha: Thanks for stopping by my blog... I will surely visit urs...


Don't scare me pls...hey do let us know the results ok:)


Even oats and amaranth (rajgira) for that matter is high cal. I used to have these too thinking they were healthy until my nutritionist told me about it. She also told me to keep munching on kurmura since dieting usually starts a bout of constipation. To avoid that one can have kurmura mixed with raw onions and raw tomatoes (optional).

I wanted to apologize for forgetting to announce the event in my blog. Will do so soon.


thats indeed an eye opener..i always thought of substituting rice for cracked wheat upma...but we dont realize the calories of the "extras" that goes into it


oh god!! moong dal is this fatty? imagine a payasam with it!!


Nags: Yes it is fatty... dont even go to payasam... most for our dishes are high in cal..

Sowmya: I also did the same mistake.. u can still eat cracked wheat if u burn more cals


Aysha: I was surprised to the cals in food we take as diet.. I will keep u posted...

Sunshinemom: That was informative suggestion....


OMG! That was scary.. Thanks for sharing the info :-)


U r welcome Srilakshmi...


basmati i can understand but moong dal? wow, so all the time we eat just that, its so rich!!


Moongdal is high in calories? god thats shocking, i always thought moong dal is healthy and i have it with rice :((

Preeti Kashyap

wow...this is really shocking! even moong dal???? Jeez! Thanks tho....good eye opener!

Preeti Kashyap

wow...this is really shocking! even moong dal???? Jeez! Thanks tho....good eye opener!


Thanks mallugir, preeti and parita.. I was shocked and surprised to see the calories in moogdal.. I assumed it to be healthy and less calories :(


Thanks for sharing it. very good post.


I am glad to be one of the visitants on this great website (:, thanks for posting .

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