Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sweet Potato Balls

Sakkaraivalli kizhangu Urundai or sweet potato balls is a famous snack in rural sides of Tamilnadu. My mom used to make these balls often!!!. As millennium arrived, I guess most of them shifted to sweets like rasagulla, gulab jamun, kajukathli... etc forgetting their nativity!!!. We don't make these sweets anymore even in our house.
We realize the importance of these native items, only after coming to US. I love this sweet so much and how could i forget it!!!. For long time i was reluctant to try sweet potato coz i didn't how it tastes???. Finally, after so much research in the Internet decided to buy sweet potato.. I tried this sweet balls and it tasted exactly like sakkaraivalli kizhangu urundai!!!


1 sweet potato

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup shredded coconut


Steam boil the sweet potato until soft and peel the skin. Add shredded coconut and sugar and mix well. Make small Balls from the dough. Roll the balls in the remaining coconut and Sweet Balls are ready!!! Kids will Love it!!!



I am from chennai too.. my grand ma used to make this.. love it.. thankd for bringing back memories


sweet potato as snack is new to me...

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