Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lentils Mela Roundup part 1

Lentils mela was a great success... I was flooded with entries, I never expected this response..70 entries for the event..awsome...Very good start for the first event hosted in my blog..Thank you very much for all my friends who sent in the entries and those who promoted the event in their blog!!!

I have categoried the entries as Breakfast, Chutney, Appetizer, Main dish and Dessert. If at all I missed any of ur entries please lemme Know...


(1) & (2) Preety's (Preety's kitchen) Idli & Leftover Dal Paratha

(3)Poornima's ( Tasy treats) Ada dosa

(4)Kalva's ( Curry in Kadai) Kanchipuram Idly and Vellulli Karam

(5)Notyet100's ( Asankhana) Kichidi

(6) Ashwini's (Nanna Adige) Dhal Idlis

(7) Sushma's (Savi-Ruchi) Vegetable Khichdi

(8)Kayal's ( Kayal's Kitchen) Idli batter

(9) Poornima's (Tasty Treats) Vegetable Kichidi

(10) Lashmi's (Kitchen chronicles) Idli milagai Podi



YAY! So many yummy dishes in one place, Good one Ash, thanks for taking time! :)

Mahimaa's kitchen

Awesome round up Ash. mouthwatering entries.... thanks for including my cutlets.


wow! my god! such a long list of round up! amazing job ashwini!


nice so many recipes made of lentils..worth bookmarking.Thanks for hosting the event Ashwini!!


lovely roundup Ashwini. Bookmarked this page

Varsha Vipins

Awesome roundup Ashwini.:) Thanks!!


lovely collection of healthy recipes ashwini


Great job ashiwini!wonderful roundup. All the dishes look fabulous! :)


Excellent roundup...very neat work Ashwini...Many delicious dishes out of lentils, its was a real pleasure to be a part of this mela...


Hi dear, somehow think i can't see ur full post. I can see only 8 entries

Gayathri Hema

Nice round up


Marvellous Round up Ashwini!! Wishes and congrats for the success of your first event..!:)


Thank you very much everyone!!!

Neha: I have made them into four parts...please check my blog..


Yep thanx ashwini, now shall check other posts too...

Lakshmi Venkatesh

Thanks Ashwini. And the round-up is very nice and beautiful.

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