Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thayir vadai/Dahi Vada

Thayir vadai is made of medhu vadai and yogurt.Dahi vada is my favourite snack in the evening.. If u have left over medu vada, u can do dahi vada in minutes..


5 Medu vada
1 carrot grated
1 cup yogurt ( I used Activa plain yogurt, make sure yogurt is not sour)
3 tbsp sev
1 tsp chat masala
salt to taste
coriander to garnish


Checkout how to make medhu vada!!!! (Don't add pepper to the vada dough that's the only change)

Add salt to yogurt. Add fried medu vada to the yogurt. Sprinkle chat masala, carrot and sev before serving. Garnish with coriander. Refrigerate for couple minutes and serve chilled!!!


Ramya Vijaykumar

Creamy creamy thayir vada... lovely topping...


Looks so delicious! I am waiting for Summer to make this, chilled Thayir Vadai is so yum! :)

Poornima Nair

Its so hot out here now...a serving of that right now would be heaven...looks delicious.

FoodyGuru (Srimathi)

Ashwini, do you know I have problems making medhu vadai. I can never get the hole in the center. Its a challenge for me, but I will make it sometime soon and convert into dhahi vadai.I eat dhahi vadai only when my sister makes it.Nice to see that you made it perfect.

Vandana Rajesh

Yummy dahi vada. Curds surely are refreshing for the summer.


Thanks Ramya, Asha, Poornima, vandana..

Foodyguru: I agree its difficult to make perfect medu vadas. A little touch of water will allow u to make perfect shape and hole in the center...


Hi Ashwini,
Love dahi vadaas, well explained recipe. perfect for anytime of the day ...I love this kinda stomach cooling and filling dish.Nice snap.

Pavithra Kodical

My husband is a great fan of dahi vada..Cool and tasty.

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