Friday, May 1, 2009

Announcing AFAM-Melons

A Fruit A Month (AFAM) is brainchild of Maheshwari of Beyond The Usual. This event focusses on a fruit every month..Maheswari, Thank you very much for letting me host this event..

Fruit is one of the most healthy and natural foods in existence. There are thousands of different types of fruit available to eat, all of which provide us with strong health benefits. We all know the saying, 'A apple a day Keeps the Doctor away'...Dont jump into conlusion..sad to say apple is not fruit of the month. As we are stepping into steaming summer, we need something to cool us. Let us focus on cooling Melons this month..

There are two main classes of melon, the muskmelons and the watermelons, and each class has a wide range of different varieties in the class. I decided to focus on three of the famous and readily available melon in summer..

  • Water Melon

  • Honey dew

  • Cantaloupe

All u need to do for this event...(Rules)
1. Prepare a recipe using watermelon or honeydew melon or cantaloupe or combo as the dominating ingredient and post about it on your blog.
2. Non-veg/Veg recipes are allowed.
3.While doing the post, make sure to link back to Maheshwari's blog and this event announcement. Use of the logo is optional.
4.Mail the following details to with the subject line reading AFAM:Melons

Your name
Your blog name
Name of the entryURL of yourpost
A photo

4. Not owning a blog isn't an excuse for you not sending in entries. You can always mail me the above-said details and they will be included in the roundup as well!
5. Older posts with Melons can be included if it is republished as a new post.
6. The last date for sending in entries is 31/05/ 2009.

Expecting all ur support..think of melons and pour in ur entries..



Great theme. Unfortunately, I will be on break from next week. Enjoy hosting! :)

Ramya Vijaykumar

Wonderful event, right one on the right time... shall send in some entries...


I like the theme and can send you one entry.

Poornima Nair

Great theme...will try to send in something.


Wonderful theme..i love watermelon..will try to send in something


can I use winter melon too ;)?


Sushma: sure..u can send it..

Thanks Ramya, Poornima,Parita, Avisha, Asha


@ gr8 events gng on, added both in my side bar, 'll send something ...


Thanks Neha..

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