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Keerai Kozhumbu/ Spinach curry

Spinach is widely used in my cooking coz its available all time of year and easily available in grocery stores. In India, we get different variety of greens all through the year. My favourite is Arai Keerai (not sure of english name). Keerai Kozhumbu is usually made with Siru keerai, Mola keerai, Pasala keerai ( none other than spinach). Greens are always nutritious in any i make sure to cook them at least once a week.


Cook 3 cups of finely chopped spinach in ½ cup of milk with ½ tsp cumin seeds and a green chilli. Mash the spinach finely using mathu/ blend it in mixie. Soak a small lime-sized tamarind for 1 hour and then extract its juice. In a sp of ghee fry 3 red chillies, 1tsp coriander seeds, 1tsp Bengal gram,4tsp shredded coconut , 1 small piece of asafoetida, 1tsp black gram and ½t tsp peppercorns to a golden brown color and then powder them finely. Heat oil in a pan. When the oil becomes hot add 1tsp mustard seeds. When they splutter add ¼ cup of chopped onions and fry for a few seconds. Then add ½ cup of chopped tomatoes and 1tsp turmeric powder. Cook well until the tomatoes are well mashed. Add the tamarind extract and the powder with enough salt. Let the kuzhambu simmer for some minutes. Then add the mashed spinach and allow it to simmer for only a few minutes.

Serve hot with Rice and potato fry...


lata raja

Hello Ashwini, keerais are always great.I use them as often too.I shall try your recipe next time.


nice picture...i love greens


hi ashwini ...thanks for visiting n commenting on my blog......found your recipes very nice.
keep in touch...we learn so much from each other.


hi spinach looks so good.., yes you are perfectly right i too use green leafy vegetables definitely once a week.., after coming to UK i have started using spinach more in my cooking! Thanks for visiting my blog you have a very neat blog here..., i have put in my dash board so i will whatever you post! and still i need to go through your recipes and must try some of them...


Thanks lata raja, shailaja.. Sangeetha and Jayshri:
Its always pleasure to get to know new friends through blogging..


I love greens..platter really makes me hungry and mouthwatering


simple and delicious,greens are regular on my menu:)


I too prepare keerai like this Aswini....thats an yummy and colorful platter :)

A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine

Ashwini, your Keerai Kozhumbu looks really nutritious. Yes as you said, spinach is widely available unlike the other varieties. I miss the other kinds.

A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine

Spinach curry looks really creamy & yummy...delicious.


thanks for visiting my blog! that keerai kuzhambu is nice and spicy!!


I am always in search of new greens recipes..I think i need to try this soon..


Healthy one. Looks yummy.

Akal's Saappadu

keera kozhambu joraaa irukku:)

I don't get arai keerai, mola keerai nothing here, miss so much these varieties; I content to do with the spinach too :)


Thanks for visiting my blog.
Ur keerai looks very colourful , will give it a try surely.


Lovely color!! the curry looks tasty dear, personally i love coconut and chickpea flour combination, yummy!


greeny ...yummy...My mom makes this..but completely in a different way:)


Thanks chitra, pavithra, a2z vegetarian, paritha, pari, Akal, Valarmathi, prathiba, super chef, gita and yasmeen.. do try it and lemme know the feedback!!!!

Happy cook

Wow what a beautiful green colour and the curry looks really delicous.


Looks so creamy n delicious Ashwini :) Healthy meal. Loved the thali too!


Thanks Ashwini for dropping by! Love the creamy texture of this dish..


Very healthy and yummy recipe. I also make keerai kuzhambhu but in different way. Yours looks different , surely will try.


Very healthy and yummy recipe. I also make keerai kuzhambhu but in different way. Yours looks different , surely will try.


Creamy and healthy Spinach curry!!
Do drop in sometime to my blog!!


Thanks Happy cooks, vidhas, pooja, chaitra


It is remarkable, very good information


Bravo, excellent idea and is duly

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Healthy Stir fry, making powder with rice is completely new to me...looks yum!

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