Monday, August 3, 2009

Announcing FIC-Zodiac signs

Food in colour is an event started by Sunshine mom of Tongue ticklers to emphasis the important of colour in food.. " Don't judge the book by its cover" thats not the case in food... Colorful and appealing food ignites Ur taste buds, the moment u see it.. Colorful presentation is a key to sell Ur food...

The Logo was designed by Sunshine mom...

I am greatly honoured to host this event for the month of August... It was really difficult to choose a theme for this month. Most of the colors was used in previous events.. after brainstorming, i choose Zodiac signs colours for this month. All u have to do is cook anything that links to Ur zodiac colour. I have given u the chart for Ur zodiac signs and colors. I will explain futher, I am scorpion..color:Dark red. I have to cook something in red..its just simple...



1. Cook and post any food suitable for the chosen theme in the finished product.

2. Your preparation could fall into any category of meals.This is going to be vegetarian event..Eggs are allowed. Please note that raw vegetables are allowed only in soups or salads. Please do not re-post earlier posts for this event.

3. You MUST link your post to this announcement and Rules page of sunshine mom. If not the host reserves the right not to include your entry in the round up.

4. If your recipe is inspired or taken from a blog or site, please link by name instead of using a link with "here", to acknowledge the person and not the thing!

5.Please send the following details to with subject line FIC-Zodiac sign

Your name:
Your zodiac sign:
The name of your blog:
Title of the dish and URL to the post:
A 300px width image of your dish.
It would be nice if you could use the logo in your submission.

The last date for entry is September 3rd 2009!!!

6. If you do not have a blog and would like to participate, please e-mail the host your recipe and a picture.

If you have any doubts or queries please email me ... Expecting all Ur support!!!


I know there few colors in the list which is not in our food colors..So I am giving u alternatives...

LIBRA : Pastels------ Pastel pink / Rose color
AQUARIUS: Turquoise---- Saffron (Not orange)
PISCES: Sea green----- Green

Is it OK??? Do u have any ideas, please lemme know n the comment section!!!



Very interesting Event! My Zodiac is Leo and color is Orange/Gold.. That should be an interestingly weird looking dish :-D but I will still try to send something :-)

A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine

Hey i am a scorpio too, will send something in definetly.


What a nice theme!!My zodiac sign is Gemini and i will surely send in some yellow dishes


HAY!!! This sounds super cool... I'm a gemini.. Sure will send some yellow Entries for this intresting event!!


Very Beautiful Theme Ash!! will send my entries dear!


Thanks for the compliments guys.. I am glad u guys liked it..


Very interesting theme Ashwini... will try to send my entries :)

Sailaja Damodaran

interesting...will try to send


Lovely theme Ashwini! Very unique! Happy hosting :)


Ashwini, I am Aquarius!! I knew it would end this way - what is edible and turquoise in colour?:) - Well, I will also brainstorm:D.

Thanks for hosting this month and a lovely theme.


Sea green? how do I make sea green food :)? I like the theme, I want to send in something in for this!!

Kitchen Flavours

Oh rock dear...i was having this idea of sun sign cooking...will chip in something.....


Very Interesting theme! would love to see the entries and the round up :)
All the best and happy hosting!


Nice theme. Sure will send some entry.

lata raja

Pink??? Oh dear:( But will certainly give it a try.


Wonderful theme cool..


Thanks for ur appreciation guys...

Aquadaze: U can substitute Green instead of sea that okay???




Wow thats interesting, i am capricorn i checked but found short forms of the color, it's black and drak brown right?


yes parita, its black or brown.. sorry abt image mishap..I fixed it!!!


Interesting theme. Just the color of the dish I've to make tomorrow.


That's a cool idea ashwini! I have something already which i posted a few days back. will send it:)

Nithya Praveen

Happy hosting Ashwini.......i had hosting this event last month.Great theme:)


cool theme,..hppy hostin...


Thanks Minu, K, Nithya praveen, not yet 100...

Jyoti V

Hi Ashwini,

Its very nice theme. I am going cook something on my zodic sign and send you the recipe soon....


Hi Ashwini (Nice to meet my namesake),

I have sent you my entry - Mushroom Fritters. My zodiac is Leo - Gold/ Orange. Have also sent you an email. Thanks for the hosting! Its an interesting event!


lata raja

Ashwini, my time is running out I guess. Are juices and smoothies considered???


Lata raja: Yes juices can be sent to the event..

Ashwini: NIce to meet u too...

Jyoti V

Hi Ashwini,

I have sent you my recipe entry..hope you have received it.

lata raja

Thanks Ashwini. Will send mine tomorrow.

lata raja

Hi Ashwini, just posted mine @

Jyoti V

Hi Asjwini,

Sent my 2ns entry..hope you have received it.


Interesting event.. I will send in my entries..

Jyoti V

Hi Ashwini,

Sent my 2nd entry...hope you have received it.


hey ashwini, just sent u one entry from my side, hope you received it !!
Happy Blogging :)


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