Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kuzhi Paniyaram

Kuzhi paniyaram or rice bun is amazing evening snack. I love the crunchy onions, channa dhal and flavour of ginger in every bite!!! yummo....Its very easy to prepare, if u have a proper kuzhi paniyaram pan...

I was craving for kuzhi paniyaram for past 1 year...my In-laws came to visit us. I asked them bring kuzhi paniyaram pan and Grinder!!! Its very hard to make idli batter with preethi mixie..when they safely arrived home, after unpacking..the first thing i prepared was kuzhi paniyaram.. what heavenly taste..suddenly u realize how much u missed all these small things...which was part of Ur childhood..

FYI: Lentils mela came to an end this march 15th..I have to thank all the participants who sent the entries and those who promoted the event in their blog..Thank you very much!!!!. I was flooded with entries..it will take couple of days to publish the roundup...Just wait for few days and roundup will be with a bang!!!!

Idli or dosa batter 3 cup
2 green chillies
1 onion or 4 shallots
1" ginger
2 tbsp channa dhal
curry leaves
2 tsp oil


Add all the the ingredients to the batter. Adjust salt. Grease the kuzhi paniyaram pan. Heat the pan for few minutes. Pour batter in the hole provided in the pan. Don't let it run out the edges.Cover and cook. Make sure it is fully cooked. Use the sharp spatula and try to lift the paniyaram to the other side. let it cook for couple of minutes. Keep in medium heat...

Serve hot with onion chutney!!!!



I made these with leftover Idli batter last week, love them. Looks so good A! :)

Poornima Nair

Wow...they look perfect...My mom too bought the pan for me recently. Have to use it yet.

Mahimaa's kitchen

delicious paniyarams... my fav.


Kizi paniyaram one of my fav looks very delicious


thanks trupti, poornima, mahima and asha!!!

Akal's Saappadu

kuzhi paniyaaram looks yummy! i see that you're happily using your new grinder and paniyaaram pans , :) enjoy!


This has become my fav snack, most of my dosa batter gets used up in these :)) I've also tried the instant kind using rava and rice flour. your pics have got me craving for some right now :)


this is my fav in my childhood..looks yummy n delicious..i am also planning to bring this pan!!

Smitha Iyer

It looks so good .. I too love paniyaram with with spicy chutney !
Check out this link below to buy a Non stick paniyaram pan. It is so easy to make and clean. cooks crispy and evenly with less oil ! It comes with Free Shipping -

Goodluck !

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